Foilseacháin - Publications

Tá na foilseacháin seo as cló anois.

These publications are out of print now.


Bas in Eirinn2

Taisce Focal

Abair Leat 2

Abair Leat 1

Towards Inclusion

Presbyterians and the Irish language

Hidden Ulster

Laoch na Laochra

Aithne na nGael

Amra Cholm Cille

Irish language in NI

Staid agus Stadas an Gaeilge

Introduction to the Irish Language

Oidhreacht Oirighialla

Tonn Ruairi

Sceal na Gaeilge


Placenames Belfast

Belfast Hills Townland


Womenfolk of the Glens

Irish Languge and Unionist Tradition

Protestant Gaelic Tradition

Irish-medium Television

Conas an Ghaeilge

How to Broadcast


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